Redevelopment of the water body in the area of the Village of Chervone


The design estimates for this facility provided for a recovery hydrological connection with the aquifer which is the first from the water surface, which plays an important role in feeding groundwater and regulation of surface spillway from the intake area of about 7 square kilometers. The main purpose of the draft project is to implement the project for water protection zones and protected bank belt. The project included:

  • cleaningof the pond (minimum bottom depth -3.0 m)
  • reinforcement by stone load surge, installation and development of a dam;
  • construction of a technological road with pavement around the perimeter, and installation of tubular bridges in the points where the beams are located;
  • installation of a culverts to regulate the water level in the pond fromthe minimum (bottom);
  • installation of an overflow siphon device for prevention of emergency situations at flood passage;
  • installation of water intake places for fire engines;
  • arrangement of a rest area (beach area, green plantations);
  • development of the bank line with planning and arrangement of land runoff;
  • construction ofa protective embankment on the side of arable land with centralized pipe discharge .

This project is socially and environmentally oriented.

It was implemented in full and commissioned in due course.


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