Remodeling of the irrigation system near the Village of Chumaki


The main objective of the project isto ensure the maintenance of an optimal water and salt condition in the root layer of soil in the irrigated array in orderto derive high and sustainable yields of agricultural crops. The draft project includes remodeling of the irrigation system with arrangingof an irrigation network with PE pipes, installation of mobile pump units and cleaning of a part of the lakefor effective water intake.

The main measures foreseen by the draft project:

  • remodeling of the irrigation network in fields by laying polyethylene pipes of Ø280 and Ø250;
  • cleaningof the silted part of the lake of Ozeryshche to have an effective water intake for the irrigation network;
  • installation of mobile pumping stations – 2 pieces;
  • it was envisaged to install a metering unit to control a volume of water for irrigation.

It should be noted thatour company took some special actions during the project implementation:

  • In order to preserve the topsoil, it was removed for the period of work performance.
  • To ensure have the effective water intake, the lake part was cleaneddown to five meters below the water level.
  • It was envisaged to perform bank protection with stone bout in the location of the water intake unit.
  • The designed irrigation network was laidin underground trench. The pipe network was equipped with water outlet hydrants for connection to sprinkling machines, with air valves to remove air and spillway wells for emptying the network

The adopted design solutions are primarily focused on energy saving and efficient and reliable operation of the system.


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