Cleaning of the Ingulets river bed


The Ingulets River is an important watercourse that affects not only the life of the region but also the ecosystem of the country as a whole. It flows through the territory of Kirovograd, Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson and Mykolaiv Regions. The total length of the river is 557 km, its basin area is 14,460 km2. The average width of the basin is 58 km. There exist 1,210 ponds and 19 reservoirs with total capacity of 760 million m3 and water surface area of 240 km2. They are strategically important for the region: drinking and industrial water supply, accumulation of industrial and household waste water, irrigation, fish farming, recreation, watering for domestic animals and others. The Ingulets River has an extensive hydrographic network. 118 tributaries of different level flow in the river.

Based on the information above, we may come to a conclusion that the Ingulets River is a powerful and important natural resource of the region. The maintenance of its proper functioning and good environmental status is an important task for the state.

The main problems that were identified during our preparatory research are as follows:

  • the silting of many parts of the bed of the Ingulets River and the Kobylna basin;
  • as a result of the silting and shallowing, there is a high likelihood of temporary flooding of riverside estates;
  • weediness of places of public recreation with reeds, which significantly impairs health state of recreational areas;
  • wave erosion of banks and the silting the Karachun reservoir with blurred ground;
  • state of emergency of bridges across the river;
  • unfavorable conditions for existence of aquatic organisms, including fish fauna.

We performed the following works:

  • cleaning of the bed of the Ingulets River in the area of Mykolaiv Highway;
  • cleaning of the bed of the Ingulets River in the area of Kryvorizkyi Children’s Health Camp;
  • cleaning of the bed of the Ingulets River in the park “Pravda”;
  • cleaning of the bed of the Ingulets River in the Central City District of the Kryvyi Rig City;
  • cleaning of the bed of the Ingulets River in the area of Pereyaslivska Street;
  • cleaning of the bed of the Ingulets River in the village of Shyroke
  • cleaning of the bed of the Kobylna Hollow in the village of Gannivka in Shyroke District;
  • installation of a retaining gateway in the bed of the Ingulets River in the area of Urytskyi Sreet
  • remodeling of the culvert with the bridge in the area of the village of Shyroke.

The measures provided by the Project such as the cleaning of the Ingulets bed and the Kobylna Hollow, are aimed at improving the environmental and health conditions of the riverside areas

The remodeling of the emergency culvert with the bridge over the Ingulets River restores the vehicle and pedestrian traffic between the left and right banks of the Ingulets River.

To maintain the low-flow water levels at optimal indicators and to adjust promptly the maximum flood levels in the Central City District, it is envisaged to eliminate the retaining jumper in the area of Tykha Street and to install a retaining gateway with spillway spotlogs in the area of Urytskyi street..

Ultimately, the Project has a strong social and environmental direction.

The project is developed in accordance with all environmental norms and standards of environmental protection.

The company Asgard offset the negative impact on fish fauna in the period of the dredging with payment of compensation funds used for stocking ponds.

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